We have the most experienced harvest crew in the industry with the average crew member having 20 years experience harvesting radicchio

Food Safety

All  Tamagni Farms Companies are  fully food safety certified by Primus GFS 

The Tamagni family has been growing radicchio since 1979 and founded and operated EVS farms/Royal Rose. With 35 years experience we expect to set the highest standard in the business.


Tamagni Farms Global is the exclusive grower of varieties of  T&T Seeds of Italy. T&T is the most progressive seed producer of Radicchio and Chicory varieties in the world

A New Generation of Radicchio

Exclusive Grower of T&T Seeds              

Tamagni Farms Global is the exclusive grower of T&T seeds varieties of radicchio. In a global relationship that was started in Santiago, Chile in 2004, continued to Salinas, California and was finalized in Sant' Anna di Chioggia, Italy in 2013 Tamagni Farms Global will be the exclusive North American grower and shipper of the proprietary  varieties coming out of the T&T Seeds superb breeding program.

Our Products:

  • Radicchio
  • Treviso
  • Castelfranco
  • Verona
  • Lusia(Variegata di Lusia)
  • Tardivo-Late Summer to Winter
  • Napa Cabbage

Bok Choy


Sapore Italiano and Recipes

Sapore Italiano translates to Italian Flavors. Sapore Italiano  celebrates and promotes eating healthy and Italian cuisine starting from seed. All Tamagni Farms Global varieties from T&T are developed in Italy and trialed extensively in the United States to match the variety with the optimum season and growing areas.







Radicchio in Salinas